Here is a sample of my animations in chronological order.

LEGO Tenacious D – Beezleboss (2010)

This is the first stop-motion animation that I ever made. As you can see, I recreated the “Beezleboss” scene from “Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny” using LEGO characters and blocks.

LEGO The Dark Knight – Interrogation Scene (2012)

This is so far my favourite stop-motion animation that I’ve done: a recreation of the interrogation scene from Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”.

Zom-B City Trailer Competition Entry (2013)

This is my entry into the Darren Shan Zom-B City trailer competition. Created using stop-motion animation of my illustrations with an original soundtrack that I composed and performed. I didn’t win the competition, but instead I was chosen as one of the three runners-up.

Action Blast (2013)

This is the first animation that I have done where I have written a script, designed the characters and setting, and used my own voice for one of the characters. As I was planning this animation, I kept coming up with new ideas for characters and stories that were too late to add into the animation, but I hope to be able to use these characters and stories in future animations.

Custard The Dragon (2013)

This is an animation I did for my final submission in art college, based on a poem that my grandmother used to read to my mum. The animated girl in this animation is actually taken from an old photograph of my older sister.

Digital Image Pixillation Animation (2014)

In my first year at university, for my module “Crafting The Digital Image”, I had to work in a group to create a pixillation animation. This is the result.

Maya Character Animation: Matrix Fight (2015)

In my second year at university, I used pre-made Maya character models to recreate a fight scene from “The Matrix” (1999)

Game Grumps Animated: Right Up Yer Butt Tim! (ANIMATIC) (2016)

This is an animatic that I did in the space of 24 hours, using footage from the popular Youtube channel “Game Grumps”. (Warning: Contains strong language)

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